Draw P-22 from the Inside Out

A free digital download

Click the PDF icon below to download a free how-to starter for learning to draw P-22! Drawing can be frustrating when you are first learning, but it can be learned! Practicing is very important, and cats can be difficult to draw. They are athletic and acrobatic, but then will sit or lie down and turn into a puddle of fur. Follow the guide provided, look at lots of images and footage of P-22 and observe domestic cats for help.


Check out We Heart P-22, a coloring and activity book with a ton of information on the the most famous feline in Los Angeles! There are many contributions by talented artists of all ages, and a portion of the proceeds goes to Friends of Griffith Park, an organization dedicated to the enlightened stewardship of Griffith Park so it can survive and thrive well beyond the 21st century.

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